In addition to our retail sales, BW Sandals provides quality, comfort, and fashion footwear at wholesale terms to interested resellers. Before launching in North America, BW Sandals had operated successfully for more than 10 years in Asia, Europe, and Russia, and a large component of our sales came from wholesale contracts with many resellers.

Our sandals styles are designed to reflect contemporary fashion trends and young, modern attitudes. Each product is manufactured with high quality standards and controls. Once worn, the sandals will provide much comfort, easy maintenance, and strong durability. We provide all of this at the most competitive price, so that you can easily turn a profit. You will find some of the top, trendiest and most attractive designs from BW Sandals,

At BW Sandals we also emphasize continuous improvement of our processes to achieve and maintain rigorous standards across our entire organization with respect to product development, product quality assurance, sales, shipping, customer support, and all other pertinent enterprise functions.

Chief among those functions is our focus on providing the most intuitive and positive customer experience. All client relations are systematically evaluated and improved. Whether it's in product ordering, customer training or troubleshooting, our overriding goal is to put a smile on our customer’s face.

We always strive to establish a strong and mutually satisfying partnership with all our customers. To do that, we start by identifying their standard and special requests. Then we systematically work to meet all of those requests and needs. We'll always do our best to fulfill our customers’ wishes and will provide the best service possible. We keep abreast of competition, our prices are always competitive, and our terms are easy to work with. Last but not least, we never try to make profit from shipping charges. Our customers can always rest assured that we’ll arrange for the most cost-effective shipping service for their merchandise, whether it’s to be delivered in the U.S. or internationally.

Contact us to start the process of becoming a wholesale customer, and let's together bring more style, comfort, and value to happy feet everywhere.


Private Labeled Flip Flops, Slide, Thong, and Sling Back Sandals can also be manufactured in quantities as low as 500 pairs depending on your particular style. We can manufacture any style you would like to design, or private label any of our existing styles with your own brand.

BW Sandals has been a successful footwear supplier for more than a decade in Asia, Europe and Russia. Our quality custom sandals come in a variety of styles, colors, materials, and all can be emblazoned with your logo. Thanks to our years of experience in the industry, we know how to produce the best sandals and make them the perfect addition to your own product line, or as a new promotional product for your corporate brand.

Private label sandals can enhance your marketing in many ways - they help to increase your visibility, build your brand, and advertise and promote your company name. Sell them at retail, give them to team members, or use them in a myriad of other ways to promote your brand. At BW Sandals, we provide complete quality solutions, whether your needs are small or large.

We have access to factories in many countries to provide you with the best sandals, at the best prices. We also have developed a lot experience and knowledge in shipping and importing. This means that we can deliver custom products complete with your logo and designed in the colors and styles you choose quickly, efficiently. You can start with our many existing designs, or if you have special needs and want a unique design, we will work with you to bring your own ideas to life.

At BW Sandals, we always strive for excellence. Come discover what sets us apart from the myriad other vendors out there. We manufacture and sell high quality sandals, are always dependable, provide dedicated customer service, and make customer satisfaction our first goal. Enhance your image with custom, private branded BW Sandals, easily and affordably.

Contact us with your ideas and requirements. Once we have all of the information regarding your parameters, we will be happy to give you a proposal and quote.